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balance testing kit for doctors,
physiotherapists, exercise physiologists
and chiropractors, particularly
those in the "agewell" and sports sectors

You can manage what you can measure

Health and fitness are particularly important for older Australians. As we age our sensory systems may decline, contributing to poor balance.

Now for the first time healthcare professionals can perform a multimetric analysis of a patient’s static balance using a single device.

THE MULTIMETRIC BALANCE MAT  assesses a person’s balance ability, giving four different graphs and scores from a sequence of four different standing positions: normal, tandem, left leg, right leg.

This innovative system is designed to aid in the diagnosis of falls risk and health conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions and assist in the treatment of patients after injury (particularly sports injuries), stroke and heart attack.

It can also help older patients age well over time since we know that good balance is associated with good health, reflected in our motto of “Live well longer.”

Since balance is a key indicator of a person’s fitness, the Multimetric Balance Mat can assist medical and allied health and fitness professionals to better manage the health of their clients. 

For doctors this advanced testing kit can not only predict who is at heightened risk of falling but aid in rehabilitation, especially with the functionality of being able to measure differences in a person’s standing ability on each leg.

For physiotherapists the system provides accurate and reliable outcome measures for a range of purposes including pre-employment screening, post-injury treatment, exercise rehabilitation and work fitness evaluation.

For chiropractors the product can be used to tailor programs to suit the balance improvement needs of clients.

For patients, having their balance assessed by their healthcare professional taps into a worldwide fascination with personal fitness metrics such as body weight, heart rate and number of footsteps taken.

The standard protocol is for the patient to stand comfortably with their eyes open and hands by their side. If you are seeking a balance testing device that tests balance with people’s eyes closed go to the Neurometric Balance Mat product page.

A four-in-one balance tester

Side by side stance

Test 1. Normal stance

The first or “normal stance” test measures the balance of a person standing still on the mat with their feet side-by-side. A score of zero indicates zero postural sway and implies the person has excellent balance. 

Tandem stance

Test 2. Tandem stance

The tandem stance test involves the person standing with one foot in front of the other, heel to toe. It tests lateral postural stability by narrowing the base of support and gives valuable information about the person’s sense of positioning, or proprioception, and motor coordination. Although many people find the stance difficult to maintain someone with excellent balance can achieve a score of zero. 

Left foot stance

Test 3. One legged – left foot

Sometimes called the Stork or Flamingo, this test requires the person to stand on their left foot on the Balance Mat. The time they can stand one-legged is an important indicator of balance ability. The dynamic graph and score give an extra and more nuanced reading. 

Right foot stance

Test 4. One legged – right foot

This test requires the person to stand on their right foot on the right footprint. The ability to measure static balance on each leg independently and compare the results is unique to the Balance Mat. 

How does it work?

Powered by Balancemetrix technology, the system works by sensing and recording the continuous postural adjustments of a person standing on a rubber sensor mat during a sequence of four 20-second tests.

Balance data is displayed on a Windows 10 or  11 or Mac OS computer as a dynamic graph and score. The final graph, score, biodata, health status and relevant notes are captured in the test results system for later use, making The Multimetric Balance Mat an ideal outcome measure for medical and allied health professionals alike.

Why buy?

•  Provides a more accurate, richer result than time-based testing alone
•  Uses an objective measure to confirm professional judgement based on observation, knowledge and experience
•  Gives real-time feedback on balance ability in different standing positions including separate results for each leg
•  Identifies balance weaknesses for tailored exercise programs

•  Positions the practitioner as a balance expert