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Multimetric Balance Mat now ready for sale

By popular demand a 4-in-1 Balance Mat has been developed that can test people’s balance in several different standing positions. This new mat is designed for fitness centres and physiotherapy practices and can be used to monitor progress during fitness training, exercise rehabilitation, injury and post-surgery rehabilitation, pre-employment screening and work fitness evaluation.

The new Multimetric Balance Mat gives four different readouts for four different standing positions: feet together, semi-tandem, tandem, right leg and left leg. These balance test stances are recognised by physiotherapists worldwide and each of the positions can be tested for one minute or less.

The new mat provides an objective measure to confirm the professional judgement of fitness instructors and healthcare professionals based on their experience, knowledge and observation.

Currently test protocols worldwide are limited to measuring the time people can stand in these various positions.

Balance Mat General Manager Ian Bergman said, “The limitations of time-based testing are staggering. The main problem is that it can’t always distinguish between people with poor and perfect balance. Here’s an example. If two people stand in the tandem position for the same length of time – it doesn’t matter how long it’s for – one may be at the point of falling over while the other remains rock steady.”

“Furthermore, time-based testing can’t give any measure at all of balance ability. What our product does for the first time is give an objective measurement for each standing position. In the case of the person with perfect balance they will score zero or close to it, while the person with poor balance will score 2, 3 or higher.”

The five balance tests can be run sequentially and the results uploaded in one go to the online score information system, along with identifying details and any notes the fitness instructor or physiotherapist wants to make.