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The Balance Mat measures a person's balance during a simple 60-second test.

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This new sensor mat enables healthcare professionals to quickly and effectively test the balance of their clients. During a 60-second test the Balance Mat senses and records the 

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continuous postural adjustments of a person standing on a lightweight nylon sensor mat. A microprocessor sends data to a computer. Information about the person’s balance is displayed in

real time as a changing graph and score. At the conclusion of the test the final results are saved electronically and printed out for comparison with other test results.

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Multiple factors play a role in falls and related injuries, however poor balance is the cause of the majority of falls in older adults.

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About the Balance Mat

The Balance Mat enables healthcare providers to test the balance of their clients during falls risk assessment.

This easy-to-use LED Sensormat™ product from Canberra inventor PSI measures the degree of movement and changes in postural balance of a person standing on the mat. During the test the person’s continuous postural adjustments are displayed in real time as a changing graph and score. At the test’s conclusion the graph and score can be saved electronically and printed out for comparison with other test results – the higher the score, the poorer the person’s balance.

Poor or deteriorating balance can be an indicator of heightened falls risk in older people. The Balance Mat can be used in aged care and hospitals to monitor a person’s balance over time, enabling appropriate falls prevention measures to be taken in line with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care’s national best practice Falls Guidelines.

The Balance Mat is designed primarily for healthcare providers working in aged care as a falls risk screening and assessment device. It can also be used as a valuable biofeedback tool to assist recovery after injury, as a rapid indicator of suspected concussion and to assist the diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome.

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Balance Mat Results

The Balance Mat senses, records and displays the continuous postural adjustments of a person standing on the mat. The person’s balance information is displayed in real time during the test as a changing graph and score on a computer (running Windows 10) and after 60 seconds the results can be saved electronically, printed out and compared with other test results.


A score of 0 to 10

is a normal result for someone with good balance.


A score of 10 to 25

is a typical result for someone in reasonable health with some trouble maintaining balance.


A score of 25+

is considerably higher than normal and indicates a definite balance problem.

Once a person’s baseline balance data is established, the practitioner can repeat the test regularly or as necessary, comparing results of previous tests, noting any changes and adjusting the healthcare plan appropriately. If there is any uncertainty about the results the test can be repeated at any time.

What people are saying about the Balance Mat

  • I believe your new Balance Mat product offers considerable benefit to the aged care community as an effective new tool to assist with falls prevention.

    Jenny Mobbs
    Executive Director, Council on the Ageing (COTA) ACT
How to Order

The Balance Mat is easy for healthcare professionals to use and non-threatening for older people to stand on. It is a small nylon floor mat (only 1.3cm high and 49cm wide x 49cm deep) with an embedded sensor that connects to a Windows 10 computer by USB port or an Android device by Bluetooth. 

 We offer a one-year warranty and 3-month money-back guarantee on all purchases. Postage is free inside Australia.

You can buy the Balance Mat for $1,620 + GST (Windows 10) or $1,810 + GST (Android).

You can lease the Balance Mat for $150 + GST per month (Windows 10) or $180 + GST (Android).

We also offer consultancy services at your premises from $60 per person tested.

Enquiries: Ian Bergman, on  mob. 0457 123 852 or email ian.bergman@balancemat.com.au


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The Balance Mat invented by Canberra company PSI is one of a range of LED Sensormat™ products. To order your Balance Mat today or discuss our balance measurement consultancy services please call PSI’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Bergman on mob. 0457 123 852 or email ian.bergman@balancemat.com.au